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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's a fools game...
for something to happen
for someplace else to be....

I just read a post on Minimalist Lifestyle. Link below.

What a timely post for me to read. And I would say timely for many other bloggers I have been reading lately. But for me it was a poke with a big stick - someone grabbing me by the shoulders and saying LISTEN.

I wrote a post the other day and even though it was a bit of humour it was also written from my truth as well. I WANT TO GO TO ITALY. I had read a book recently and it was all about italy and she painted such a lovely picture of it all that it just got my feet itching as usual. You see this is a problem.

If I am always wanting to be someplace else or always dreaming of things being finished, sorted, organised, perfected and just plain better than now  - then how on earth can I be content and happy with now and what is happening now or what I have just completed and achieved in the present moment. I can't can I. I will always be itchy and fidgety and uptight and unsatisfied.

I don't want to be like that. I want to be content and appreciative and enjoy my life no matter what is happening.

Then I read this post an-authentic-self-through-creativity on the blog "Amanda Brooke - simple and creative living" and it was another confirmation for me to appreciatate now. Take notice of now. So in keeping with the advise on this post I have created a beautifully covered "Illustrated Discovery Journal". Similar to something I have done before but without the wishing. Just things that inspire and move me. Pictures, colours, fabrics etc etc. I am also going to create a page on this blog as well for pictures and things that I collect electronically and don't or can't print out.

My "Illustrated Discovery Journal"- covered in some awesome fabric I had in my stash.

This looks so good you could eat it. Bottlebrush flower.

Little Weed...

Little Weed....
LOOK - I think my lemon tree is finally flowering. I am soooo excited.

Unusual flowers on one of my Bromiliads. It now has more on it so I will take another photo soon.

SUNSHINE - My cloths are finally dry.

Cheers, Wendy


  1. Oh...being happy and content. I thought I had it nailed down too until 5wks ago...lol... Lovely pics as usual. I love your discovery journal fabric Wendy - very oriental. And those bromeliad flowers - quite unusual. And sunshine...ahhhh...got all our sheets washed and dryed today before the big move. :)

  2. Nice Post Wendy.
    Yes, that Sunshine is nice.
    I washed my clothes tonight, I hope it's sunny tomorrow too.

  3. Love the shots of the flowers/plants..gorgeous! Yes, indeed, being content with what we have is a true blessing:):) Love that journal fabric too.

  4. How ironic, you'd love to head off somewhere completely different and unknown and embrace the adventure. I'm faced with the possibility heading off to the unknown and while I love the idea of it I'm finding the thought of such a huge change unsettling. I think I might need to grow a spine ;-)

    I love the photos.

  5. Obviously Nevyn the universe wants to get you moving and wants me to learn how to stay still.

  6. While I think it is really important to be thankful for what we have, I also think we need to have something to look forward to, something to challenge us. I am doing that right now and are loving it. I really feel that everything is a learning experience, even if what you learn is that you really don't want to do it again. It is really about finding a balance between what we already have and what we still want to do. I don't want to live with too many regrets.
    I'm glad the washing managed to get dry. : )

  7. Yes Bruise Mouse I agree that it's the balance. I stilll want to travel around Australia and I still would love to visit Italy but I really think my lessons to be learnt right now are about being content at home - being content with less bling in my life of stuff to do all the time and places to go and people to see.Then when the bling comes I will know how to appreciate that as well. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Thanks for the link, love the idea of just enjoying what we have which Im pleased to say
    I am now, but yes having something to look forward too and work towards is great too, its all about the balance :))