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Monday, July 11, 2011

To Travel Is Better Than To Arrive


Hello Everyone,


I heard this in a movie my son was watching last night. Step Up 3. Not a very good movie except for the awesome dance bits which thankfully there was a lot of - but I just happened to pick this up in a little pep talk scene towards the end of the movie. I had to run and grab a pen and paper and write it down. The universe speaking to me. I know this saying is the same thing as "It's the journey and not the destination" but I really like the words used.

Life is travelling. Everyday life is just travelling and I find that when I am constantly focused on where I am headed and when I will get there and if things are happening to scheduale my life seems very messy and I get uptight and do not feel happy with what I am doing right now. This little saying reminded me of this. I don't know many things but I can enjoy what I do today. People write about this all of time and I am writing nothing new. The problem I see though is the wordiness of it denies the fact that to be in the moment and enjoy each day as a travel day through life is really very bloody hard. It takes practice and effort. It is not all airy fairy apple pie and cream. I forget. I get carried away in the organising and worry about where the journey is taking me and I often miss out on the travel I did today.

Writing this blog and taking photos for this blog and to share on facebook really helps me focus on the little travel stops throughout my day. It is a wonderful excercise to stop randomly and take a photo of what I am doing - where I am travelling through my day. I would suggest to anyone to just pick up a camera and record your days travels in pictures. You can later add words later in the day or in the following few days. No need to use the excuse of no fancy camera. I use my phone camera and find it brilliant because I have it with me all of the time.

I stopped buying tissues quite a while ago. I have a whole bowl of hankies that I have made from old sheets and even old pj's that were worn out. I just wash them with my towels every day or so. I do iron them when I do the ironing only because I just like doing that. So soft on my nose and so environmentaly friendly and saves me over $130 per year. I always throw a few in my handbag before I leave the house and I find them indespensible in the restrooms while I am out. I hate using those hand dryer thingy's so I just grab a clean one of my hankies and use it to wipe my hands on. When I get home they all come out of my bag and into the wash basket and I just put a few more in for next time I am out. So handy.

I made shortbread this afternoon. So yummy and quick and easy and made in a matter of minutes in a food processor. See Homemade Cooking page for the recipe.

I was given quite a few lemons. I can never be given enough lemons and as my lemon tree is stubbornly not producing any lemons for me I just jump at the chance for fresh lemons that are unwaxed and all lumpy and fresh looking straight of a tree in someones back yard. I wanted to try preserves lemons so this is what this picture is of. I need to pick up some more lemons to add juice to this jar of salted lemons. I can't wait to let them sit for afew months and use in some morrocan or african recipes I have. I have not added the recipe for this until I know it tastes okay and all goes well with it.

I also made Lemon Cordial. This is so yummy. You really should make your own. I have put the recipe on my Homemade Store Cupboard Page. No cooking. No fuss. I just had a glass of it made up with water, ice cubes and a small splash of gin. I had this gin left over here for so long as I think it tastes quite bitter. Not in this it didn't. 

I have also been sewing a bit over the past couple of days. I am definately improving and feeling more adventurous. This is a rug I had on my bedroom floor. A rag rug that was fraying at the ends and I kept tripping over them. I trimmed the edges and folded over twice and just sewed up the ends. Rug is back on the floor and looks great. I looked at it on the floor and thought of all the people who would have thrown that in the bin and gone and bought a new rug. It made me feel good to fix it and keep on using it. I have also sewed up all the scrap material I had cut out for hankies. I have also been making my own shopping bags. I will put a picture of them on here next time.

Anyway that was my travels today. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Wendy


  1. No words really. Just thoroughly enjoyed your post and the simple, yet rewarding things you do. :)

  2. Thanks Kerry for reading and dropping by.