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Sunday, July 10, 2011

My story for past few weeks in pictures.

It was mu husband Mick's 40th in June and we had a party to celebrate. He chose to have a Pajama Party as it is so cold here in the middle of winter. So whoever decided to join in could get rugged up in their PJ's. Our good friend Amanda made Mick a dart board birthday cake. It was the same size as a real dart board and Mick had to keep throwing the darts until he got double top - double 20. What an awesome cake.

Mick throwing darts at his cake. He loves to play darts and is in a weekly darts team.

Me and my friend Michelle taking photos of ourselves.

Laura all rugged up in her PJ's with her teddy bears.

What an awesome shot of laughter. I just love this photo.

Keeping warm and then dipping into the cold esky.

More madcap costumes and laughter.

My son Brenden and Grand Daughter Charlotte

Stu - nothing more to say.
My special friend Deb in her granny nightie and curlers cooking the BBQ.

So much fun and laughter.

The card I made Mick for everyone to sign. I will now print out photos and add to the book so he has a keepsake photo album of his night.

Then I have been cooking warm and filling and yummy desserts like this apple crumble. MMMMMMM.

We went to my sister in laws to help her celebrate her birthday recently. I made a pink love heart cake and cup cakes for everyone.

Double Rainbow. This just appeared while at Tin Can Bay celebrating Sil's birthday.

This is the book I have been reading over the past few weeks. Awesome book and well worth the read.

Then I went to a free drawing art lesson at Miva on Thursday morning and am going to join the local art group. Not that I am sure of what I can do but they are a group willing to share and were such a friendly group of people that I just want to go back for their company. It was across the highway from where I live but I just had to take these photos because driving in there seemed so funny. It just seems to be in the middle of nowhere. I love living here and this is what I see when I go for a drive and not a city with traffic and lights etc. It is very cool.

Dirt road and all. I just wanted to keep driving. It was so pretty.

Then yesterday I spent at my parents place with my two Grand Children. This is Charlotte all dressed to keep warm before bed. So cute.

And this is my Grandson Mason and son Jade.


Talk soon and thanks for dropping by.


  1. What great photos Wendy! I especially enjoy the love and joy that comes out in your photos. Some great candit shots with special people and special moments. Thanks for sharing, and Mick's 40th birthday book will be some special keepsake. Just love what you've got on the front..."40...Life Begins". I can vouch for that! ;) Oh...and apple crumble...my favourite. :)

  2. Wow, looks like you have had a fabulous, fun time with the birthdays, friends, family, art classes and good books. Enjoy!!:)

  3. Hi there Kerry - I have to let you know that I did not take all of those photos. Andrew was the fly on the wall at Micks 40th and he captured the awesome birthday shots from the party. Yeah the 40th birthday card/book is cool. I will get the photos printed for that in the coming week and finish it of before it becomes one of those "gunna" projects.

    Hi Kala - it does look very busy doesn't it. It didn't really feel like I was that busy. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.