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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dickabram Bridge and new friends

Dickabram Bridge at Miva, Queensland - crossing the Mary River. This bridge celebrates 125 years this coming September - it is a train and vehicle bridge. I will take better shots when I go there next time. I met with the Tiaro Arts Group today there in the park. I have joined the arts group even though I actually do not even know what I am going to do - paint? draw? watercolour? charcoal? I went to a little art workshop last week and met a lovely lady Barbara who invited me along to this art group. Usually they meet in the town of Tiaro but today they met in the park near this bridge as they are involved in the bridge celebrations happening later in the year. I took a few photos and got a feel for the place. I find it quite magical and I cannot express why. I want to do a piece of art to display with the others on the day of the celebration. Not sure what and where and how yet. I am sure it will come to me. The group has painters, drawers, printers, photographers and sculptor's. They are so friendly and welcoming. When asked what I do I said I did not yet know and that when asked along to join them I came in search of friendship. I think I might have found a treasure trove of it.

I really like this shot of the river.

I have had a great thing happen today in answer to something I have wanted to do for quite some time. I played the recorder at school like most children do. I enjoyed it and was fairly okay with it. I was at the local markets one day about a year ago and there was a young girl busking. I was mesmerized by the sound she was making and asked her what the instrument was and she said a tenor recorder. I didn't even know you could get a recorder in that size and with that sound. I went away with a desire to have one of my own and to learn to play like she was. When I looked into the cost of one of these instruments I realised that it was out of my price range for the time being. I was only thinking the other day that I should just get myself a basic recorder so I could at least start to learn to read the music again and I was saying to myself that at least then I have started and the rest could come later. Today I met a lady at the art group who plays the recorder professionally and she is going to help me learn and to choose the correct recorder for me. A tenor may be to big for my little hands and fingers. She suggested a treble. I will see what it is all about next week. She has even offered to loan me a recorder to see how I go. I am so excited and in awe of this universe bringing to us what we desire. A good lesson in being careful for what we wish for.


  1. Oh your posts just get better every day Wendy. Your life seems full of creativity and abounding with friends and serendipity! XX

  2. Wendy, that sounds like a great art group. Love the photos of the river, simply gorgeous. Definitely inspires me to paint:):)

  3. Oh shucks Kerry - yes life is full because I am choosing to fill it up. Believe me I have down times but I just choose to get over them as quickly as I possibly can - being down is no fun at all.

    Thanks for dropping by Kala. You may not realise it but finding your blog has inspired me to just do something artistic even though I am not sure where that will lead me. I just get so inspired by the colours of your paintings that it makes my heart soar sometimes. hope that doesn't sound to soppy. Cheers, Wendy