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Monday, May 16, 2011

Letting Go and Getting Creative

Firstly I would like to share some words I wrote a week or to ago and didn't post.

*****I followed my one special list that I wrote about the other day. Here is the link to that post LISTS. I included in my day the things that make me feel good. And I did feel very good. But....

Yesterday the SHTF. Tenuously holding on and loosing my grip.

The Universe has some changes in store for me. I wrote recently about that when things in my life run smoothly and I find little things happen around me that I feel like I am on the right track. You know, the little saying someone gives you, the book loaned that someone thought you might find useful. Stuff like that. Feeling like I am on the right pathway to where ever it is I am headed.

In stopping and trying to slow down I am having to deal with the reality of things happening around me. Actually think about things and acknowledge them. So many lessons being learnt and it is hard.

I don't even know whether to write about it or not. It's personal and I am and have never been one much for sharing the negative. 'Just toughen up and deal with it", that's the way I think. But I am unravelling and softening at the same time.

Be careful what you wish for because you will get it.

Seems that when I wrote the other day about  fear be gone... and when I mentioned that one of the things I think we can do is learn how to be strong mentally and that this type of preparation in our lives is as valuable and sometimes more valuable that all the material preparations we can make I wasn't really listening to myself with undivided attention.

I feel like the canary in the coal mine. When I read the news that we are meant to read I see things saying that times are okay and that we here in Australia are doing okay. I know it is not the truth. If you are self employed in the building trade then it is not good. If you are the person that has been looking for a job for over 8 months and you cannot find one even though your qualifications and skills are outstanding it is not good. If you are a young family just starting out and you have no choice but to go back to work so that you have two incomes that also is not good. *****

Then I stopped writing and let it go. Just let it go and stopped thinking so hard about it all.

Instead I went back to my LIST. I reminded myself again that all I can do is what can be done right now. I tidied my house, I wrote little love notes to my friends on homemade cards and posted them, I cut out squares and started to stitch up a bedspread I am making for my Grand Daughter for when she goes into her first big bed, I started making some simple gifts towards Christmas, I re learnt how to knit, I re learnt how to crochet, I cooked hot soup on a wet rainy cold day, I watched funny movies, I spent time with family, I helped out others where I could, and I have been trying oh so hard to be appreciative of what I do have and be nice to myself.

Well here are some photos of what I have been busy doing. Keeping myself occupied and enjoying myself while changes happen that are out of my control. I can't run this country and I can't change so many things but I can enjoy my home and family and fill my days with creativity which seems to be a key that unlocks the door to peace and calm. I can do what has to be done each day and not let things built up. I can face reality and just do what has to be done. THEN I can let it go and just get on with what makes me feel good. If each day I deal with things as best as I can and know that nothing else can be done until tomorrow or next week then I can let it go without worrying and just get on with something else.

Knitted Lace Coat Hanger Covers - these are for me. I am gradually covering all of my coat hangers like this to stop things falling of and to protect them when they are hanging up. But one important reason is just simply that they look pretty and make me feel good when I iron and put away my cloths.

Sitting out in the sun with my Grand Daughter Charlotte eating mandarins.

Made my first home made bag from a scrap of rubber backed curtain material. I am so proud of this bag even with it's faults.I have never made one before and this was made so I could use it as a knitting and crochet bag to store all of my current projects in that I am working on.

I picked up these enormous tea towels for $1 each and cut them in half. I stitched Christmas ribbon on the red ones for lining gift baskets at Christmas or just for cloths to decorate. I will cover the put red ribbon on some of the black ones for a gift for a friend who has a red and black theme in her kitchen.

This is just 2 of the rows of squares I have started to stitch together for my Charlotte's first bedspread.

This little box cost me $1 at a second hand shop and I painted it up in a gorgeous yellow colour. I think I might store my napkins in it. I am going to change the whole colour scheme of my house over the coming months to bright and cheery colours. This is one of my favorite colours. Yellow.

Since then the Universe has put into my hands a little book which I think many of you have read called "The One-Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka. Such a wonderful little book which at first glance seems to be about farming BUT to me it isn't. It just seems to be a simple guide to living well and living content and happy. I will write more about this book in my next post but I would like to put one little quote here for you to share with me and ponder on.

" It seems to me that the greater one's desires,
the more one has to work to satisfy them."
Love to you all,


  1. Indeed Sis .. " the greater one's desires, the more one has to work to satisfy them ", I think the scary thing is that it seems to me also that even the basic necessities of life are becoming harder and harder to hold onto !

    I like you believe all happens for a reason and I believe that we in Australia and most Western Countries need to reassess what is a true need and what is actually a Want ..

    As you know I have been forced to severely review my definitions of late and every time I feel I have a true grasp on the value reality of life I am forced to review it even more and to tighten the belt even further.

    I am sad to say that I used to look at people with nothing and believe that it was THEIR actions that got them there and that in the end it was their choice to be where they are. I know humbly acknowledge that I was wrong and pray to God that people don’t think that of me.

    Reality always has a price and I believe that TOUGH times are ahead …

  2. Yep there is no doubt that the Universe (or God or whatever word or concept you use) teaches us the things we need to understand. The real special thing about this is the fact that you have noticed the lesson and are trying hard to understand it. Now that is a gift in itself. And how wonderful that you now can view people and their circumstances a little bit clearer. We only ever see the world through our own experience. How can we view it any other way? So experience is the great teacher if we are ready to listen and learn. Well done! I love that little saying 'Be kinder than necessary
    because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.'Looking at someone you just cannot know what they have been through intheir life. A very humbling thought.

  3. Charlotte's quilt is looking great Wendy nice work!!