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Monday, May 23, 2011

Constant and 1000 Homes Of Happiness

I received my little origami house by 1000homesofhappiness

I have mentioned this blog before so please take the time to have a look. How good to put something out there instead of just taking. This blog is constantly uplifting and a joy to read.

I chose the word CONSTANT as it is what I am learning in my life currently. I am leanring all about being constant. Learning how to be steady. Just leanring how to be in a constant state of calmness. Not easy to be done but it is achievable. I have met people throughout my life who just exude constantancy. They are dependable, calm, real but in no way perfect. They inspire me to better places.

Constant in my outlook on life.
Constant in being level.
Constant in my beliefs.
Constant in my efforts.
Constant in my home making.
Constant  in my enjoyment of life.
Constant in my love of people.
Constant inmy caring and nuturing of others and myself.

I put my little CONSTANT house at the return box for the local Library. I hope someone finds it and explores the 1000 homes of happiness blog. I hope they get something out of finding the word CONSTANT.

I am currently reading the Tomorrow series of books by John Marsden. I am not normally one who reads to much fiction but I watched the movie Tomorrow When The War Began and really enjoyed it. Then I found out that the movie was actually taken from a book series. I have just finished the second novel and am waiting for the third to turn up from the library. I am totally enjoying them so far.

Weekend visit with my gorgeous Grand Son MASON.

Busy baking homemade bread. This is such an easy recipe that tastes great.

Finished of some more tea towels as gift for a friend with a red and black kitchen.

I am crocheting and making more shopping bags and stitching up the bedspread I have started for my Grand Daughter. So I have plenty to keep me busy this week. Hope everyone has a lovely week.

Cheers, Wendy


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  2. oops...

    Thankyou Wendy for releasing little home 'Constant'. A lovely reminder to remember the calm. Life can get very busy at times.

    We hope someone finds this home at your local library.

    We will add it to our tally ASAP.



  3. What is it about photos of home made bread, that make you feel all warm and toasty inside? :)
    Thanks for the link to 1000 homes of happiness. I've just sent off my word. Hope it's not taken. And thanks for sharing your moments of joy and happiness, Wendy. I really enjoyed them. Kerry XOX

  4. What a lovely thought behind your chosen word. I hope you enjoy the rest of the tomorrow series they really stuck a chord with me. I downloaded them as audiobooks so I could still stitch away given your busy list of stitching projects this might work well for you too.