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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Fancy Title

Sunday afternoon spent at a friends. We all get wallabies and kangaroos visit us around here but these little cuties are regulars at our friends home. Mama is named Posie and little Bubba is named Nosey. Just had to share the photo moment with you all.

Tomorrow I am of to visit my sister for a cuppa in Hervey Bay. Packing nearly all done for a five day Easter Break. Money is tight and I am always wishing I saw my friends more so we are of to spend a roving holiday visiting all of our friends that live a few hours away from us. A night here and a night there and then on Monday it is Anzac day and I have arranged for us to be able to attend a dawn service for the Beenleigh RSL. My nephew is playing his bugle on that morning. I am so proud of him and can't wait to see him play for such a special event. He is not yet 14 and an awesome and very talented Trumpet player. I can't see how it would be good manners to video tape him playing but I would love to be able to do this and put it on here for you all to see. My husband has thick skin and isn't worried about offending people so maybe he will hide somewhere and video it for me. I will put lots of pictures on of our trip when we get back.

This is my beautiful cousin Jasmine. She and Barry were married on the Saturday just gone. The wedding was in a park beside the beach at Rainbow Beach. There was no music. But Jasmine suprised everyone by walking down the pathway to her waiting groom and singing. Yes singing a love song. She stumbled a bit as she started because of nerves but then she just did it. I cannot even remember the song but it was a difficult song to sing any time but with no music and nerves and she did an amazing job. Then she sang again to him when it came time to say her vows she wrote for him. She had the veil over her face and sang right to him. She was shaking and crying all the way through the service and then afterwards I have never seen such a happy and excited bride. She just glowed. The weather held out. Nothing went as planned. And it was a lovely and special afternoon. I made all the finger food for a light lunch. It all had to be cold as we obviously could not heat it up but I had fun making everything the day before.

Dream Holiday - sailing on this ship. Oh how awesomely wonderful that would be.....

So that has been my last few days. Actually there has been a few other things but I am letting that go and just getting excited about my holiday. I am calling it a holiday because it is away from home. It is planned to spend the time with very special people who make me smile and laugh. I call that a holiday.


  1. What beautiful photos. I look at Jasmine and just see me looking back. So much like me in looks and things she does. Great photo of the wallaby and baby. Have a great Easter.

  2. I've so got to come up for a wildlife photography long weekend ... leave it with me Sis :) can't wait to see you again this weekend xox

  3. Yep Patti she is like you to a tee. I'm waiting Bro. Waiting.

  4. Enjoy your holiday away from home Wendy. :) I'll be marching in Brisbane on ANZAC Day, so I can't attend the Beenleigh Dawn Service. I remember attending the Remembrance Day Service last year, and Dylan playing the last post! He did wonderfully! XX

  5. What a wonderful idea! Going in and singing to your groom... what a way for Jasmine to really make it "her day".

  6. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment K. Syrah. I will pop over and visit your blog now.

    Hi Kerry - I saw the pictures of you in uniform - you look so good and look so proud. Well done.