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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Tree down the back of our property. We often get great numbers of Black Cockatoos in this tree.

Since writing my last post a few things have happened. Firstly I have read and reread what I wrote. Because really this writing was for me wasn't it? To simplify things I am trying not to write lists. You know the lists we write when we are overwhelmed and feel that if we write things down it will help. It does not help me. I use a diary as a reminder only. It reminds me of who to call and appointments I have. I have realised that I do not need a list to remind to water the garden, weed the garden, sweep the floor and cook dinner. I do not need to constantly bombard myself with things to achieve to make this day worthy of me living in it. I am 47 years of age and I know what to do. What I don't know how to do correctly as yet is be kind to myself. I do not know how to just be and enjoy the things I do whether they be house work or gardening or work. So I made my final list a few days back. The list of things I would like to achieve every day and every week. Unless it is an appointment to remember or maybe a grocery list I will look at this daily first thing in the morning over a cuppa and go from there. These are the things I enjoy and these are the things that will truly take me in the direction I wish to be going in. Everything else can just fit in around these things. Or not.

And another thing. I find it so amazingly interesting is that when I am thinking about a topic I find others thinking along those same lines as well. It is as though we are in tune or something. I find that so secure. I do not feel alone and I feel like I am on the right track. The Universe is giving me these little signs to say "yep keep going you are moving in the right direction." Love it !!!

Looking back up our property from half way down. So green.

This is my list

1. Yoga - this makes me happy, healthy and wise. Not a bad thing to make an important part of my day.

2. Sunshine - get outside - this goes with number 3.

3. Spend time in my garden - it does not matter if it is weeding or planting a new pineapple top - it makes me feel good, I am learning new skills, I am in touch with the seasons and the place I call home and if every day something little is done the whole becomes bigger than the singular parts. At the end of the year I will actually see the fruit of my labour. I already do see huge changes to our 3 acre block with only 3 years here. And that was with sporodic effort.

4. Pay bills and budget wisely - I know this does not sound like fun but it sure makes me feel good when even if we are struggling I know exactly where we are at. The unknown is scarier and the unknown can get me into a lot of strife which makes me stress. Just deal with it daily is my motto.

5. Spend time with my husband. Notice him. Remember him. Love him.

6. Write one note, letter, thankyou card, compliment a day. This takes no time at all really and makes me feel so good.

7. Phone a friend or family member. Have a chat. I live quite an isolated life really and my friends and family are not very close by. I will not stress if the phone call does not happen every day but it makes me feel good to stay int touch and it is all about feeling good.

8. Meditate Daily - this can be done in so many ways. I can do a walking meditation, a smiling meditation, I can lay in the bath with the lights out and candles lit or I can sit cross legged in my room. Whatever takes my fancy at the time but clears and empties my mind.

9. Eat good healthy food. No need for lists here. Like I said I know what to do so I just need to do it. I feel good with good food. Simple as that.

10. Look at the sky at least once a day. The blue sky, the stars, the sunshine. Just look up. Can be part of meditation and also part of enjoying the garden.

11. Walk around my block of land once a day. I have 3 acres. it makes me feel good. I am currently sneaking down the back to the creek and trying not to make a sound because we have turtles. I did not know trutles sat in the lower branches of the trees along the creek edge but they do. They go splash and jump in as soon as they hear me coming. I want to see one before it lands in the water.

12. Listen to good music, light candles and incense in the house. This helps me enjoy being at home and makes me feel like I am living in a palace.

I am going to build a faiy garden around this tree for my Grand Children. Looks like a little door.

Just love the angle of this tree.

This is my loquat tree. I have three growing and they are powering on. My dad grew them from seed and helped me plant them.

This is one of my banana trees. It has loved the rainand looks so healthy.

Love to you all,

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  1. I love your list, Wendy! I also think that will be a great fairy garden, looking forward to seeing photos when it's done!