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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Fun Weekend

It is GREEN here in Bauple Land - very very green. The grass grows every two days and needs mowing every three really to stay on top of it. We have given up on the back paddock because we do not own a ride on mower yet. When it is dry enough we will just hire a slasher to come and clean it all up. Way out of control now. Where there was dirt just 2 months ago there is grass cover over everything.
 But isn't it just so pretty.

We have resident kangaroos that visit the back yard but these little guys are wallabies and they seem to have decided that they like my overgrown front garden. This is directly outside my office window facing the carport. They just do not mind and it is pretty cool when I look up from the computer screen and see this.

Friends took us to a swimming hole in the forest near us. Been here into our 4th year now and never been there. I will be going there a lot while the heat is still turned up. What an awesome place. Friend got bogged going in on one of the tracks but that was soon fixed up and we took another track.

Friends daughter Angel standing in a big hollow out tree. You could sleep inside this it was so big.

Number three Lagoon. There are a series of three of these. This being the biggest. It was awesome to swim in. I usually do not like going into things like this because of the mud and eels and stuff like that that I can't see. This is actually red water because of all the tea trees surrounding it and it is so good for you skin. It's like swimming under red cellophane paper. It is very deep and warm water sits on top and cooler water runs underneath. Like sitting in air conditioning - it's the only way to describe it. The bottom is all sand. No mud.

A bunch of teenagers arrived and spent their time climbing up this old tree and then having someone throw them the rope and then they swung out over the water and jumped in. It was fun to watch but in the end I didn't want to watch them anymore as the tree has a crack in it just where it bends over and the stumpy bit is sticking out. Disaster waiting to happen. Problem is that if anyone gets hurt they will then fence it of and gate it up and tell everyone else that they can't go there anymore. It is on State Forest property and apparently over the years have tried unsuccessfully to stop anyone going there. I am in two minds about getting the chain saw and going in there and chopping that tree down. There are plenty of safe places to jump from.

What an awesome weekend - new friends to meet - BBQ on Saturday night. Sunday swimming and anothr BBQ early dinner - late lunch when we got home. In bed by 8pm and slept like a baby all night.


  1. What an amazing weekend. That swimming hole sounds so beautiful. I love those days where you are outside ALL day and then just fall into bed at the end. It always feels so fulfilling.
    I am in awe of the lush gardens you have growing. It is such a contrast to the other side of the country that is incredibly parched.

  2. That swimming hole looks fantastic, you're so lucky to have it near you. I'd be tempted to set up permanent residence there during summer, now that would be the life.

  3. Hi there to you both. Yep this place is awesome. Going back next Sunday as I have a friend visiting for the weekend. Told her to bring her swimmers.

    I know that the green here is in such contrast to other parts of our country. Two winters aga it was completely brown and crackly dry throughout winter.

    Thanks for your comments I really appreciate it.

    Cheers, Wendy

  4. Wow! Now that's living! That's what it's all about Wendy. Simple, pleasurable & interesting experiences amongst nature, with good friends. What more do you need? :)

  5. Oh, Wendy, it looks divine! So lush and so natural and so much fun!

  6. Kerry - good excuse for a weekend away at our place sometime. Love for you to come and visit and we can go to the lagoons.

    Dixiebelle - I so want to keep this a secret. everytime we find a gem like this the powers that be decide it is in our best interest to totally change the place and upgrade it so it is so busy it loses it's appeal or they decide to stop poeple from going there to protect us from ourselves.