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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Take Time To Create

I have been busy finishing of all the Christmas presents. Only two more sleeps and we are of to Brisbane to spend a few days with family and friends.

First up - you just gotta try this recipe - sooooo easy and quick and super delicious. I found this recipe for Peanut Brittle on Liss's blog Frills In The Hills - 15-minute-microwave-peanut-brittle  I have just made two batchs of this and bottled the pieces up in old coffee and olive jar and decorated with piece of fabric on top and tadah - another 6 gifts to go along with all the other goodies I have made.

Photo is sideways and I am not sure why - anyway this is a gift wrapped in a beautiful scarf for my Aunty - I picked up a few gorgeous scarves at the op shop ($2 each) and they make the perfect wrapping paper is completely reusable.

Another photo to look at with your head tilted - I have made up a Christmas Bingo game to play on Christmas day. I have other things as well but my sticky beak brother reads this blog so I am not telling yet.

Just one of the basket of homemade goodies. Still got a few things to add to this basket but they are stored in the fridge until just before I give the gift.

Homemade cookies in a jar. These are choc chip and pecan. All the jars I find at the op shop. I just love some of the finds I make and I am recycling and giving something that can be used over and over again.

It is hard to see but this piece of bright fabric is something I picked up at the op shop for $1 and I turned it into a big tablecloth and because the colours are so bright I will take it down for Christmas dinner and maybe we can use it on Christmas day. On the chair is another couple of barrles of cookies - some homemade shortbread in there as well in the most beautiful jar and the large glass jar is filled with prunes in port for my Dad. Soooo Yummy.

Homemade spice rubs. I made quite an assortment of these.And again the little jars can be reused again.

Another gift wrapped in a scarf for my friend. The gift is an old carved wooden frame that I picked up from a garage sale and then I inserted a piece of gutter guard mesh. When hung on the wall you can hang your earrings on it and never have to search for just the right earring again. I have one hanging on my wall in my room beside my mirror.

Anyway I have had so much fun making all of these goodies and can't wait to hand out the gifts. I have so many more ideas for next year and the more I do this the more confident I get and the more organised.

I read this in a book the other day -
"If you are fuelled with predominantly female energy, then excercising you feminine energy can uplift and strengthen you.
Feminine energy strength is in Creation.
If you can make time in your life to CREATE, even a little, it excercises that feminine energy, and you will become spiritually strong, feel balanced and fulfilment and peace follows.
Take time to create... maybe paint, or draw, or sew, or write, or cook, or landscape, or build.
Find time to create and become strong in your feminine strength."
FEELING PEACE by Karen Sonter

and it just stuck a cord with me. I have been creating - learning to sew - cooking, paper craft, writing - and it feels good. It feels really good. And it feels right.

Cheer everyone,

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