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Friday, December 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This was taken in Maryborough on Thursday morning. Two streets are closed to traffic each and every Thursday from 7 to 2pm for a market to be held there. All the shops are still open and even though other things are sold it is the place to get your weekly fruit and vegetables. A lot of produce is fairly local and from Childers. Mostly sugar cane farms around here and not many food farmers. Anyway this building (as you can see if you click on the picture to enlarge) was established in 1908. Maryborough is a heritage listed town so it has a lot of old buildings like this one.

I have been busy making Christmas gifts. This is two pots bubbling away of Tomatoe Chutney. Yummy and very popular. It is back this year by popular demand and requests for more.

Chutney bottled and labelled and made to look pretty.

The little tags are made by me as well and the wording painted on.

I got home one day last week and Mick had put up this light shade in our bedroom. I had bought this 6 years ago at a market as a spur of the moment purchase and it has never been put up as it hangs low and is quite large. What a suprise to see it up and it looks just perfect in this room. It is not in the way at all because it is over the bed. It feels like I am in a geanies bottle when I am snuggled up in the bed and the light is so soft and relaxing. 

  When I was at the markets on Thursday I went into a stall that is put on by all the local craft people. How clever and imaginative some people are. I picked up a couple of little gifts for my Aunty for Christmas. She is 70 and I just know she will find the humour and clerness in these gifts. I am sure she hasn't seen them before as they are very original. The first one is this dish cloth horse. I love this so much.

The second thing I picked up was this awesome teatowel britches. I took a close up of the little verse attached (below). How very very clever is this.

Had to share this photo of my Dad's vegetable garden. He had new seedlings in and the days were hot so my Mum suggested he put an umbrella over them through the day. He scoffed at first but when his little seedlings were wilting away to nothing he thought he would give it a go. It works a treat and Mum thinks she is so clever.

This is my adorable Grandson Mason. He has just turned two and is adorable. I don't get to see him much but he is so much like his Dad when he was that age that is is like being in a time machine every time I am with him. I will be seeing him for the day on Christmas Eve.

This is just outside our back door. We have quite a few wallabies and kangaroos that visit our place for a feed. It is so green and lush here at the moment. We have not stopped getting rain all year. I heard today that here in Queensland we have had more rain in a year than has ever been recorded since records started being kept. All this and at the same time Australia has had it's 3 hottest years on record in the past three years. I have to say that the weather is wierd and it is very hard to get work done when your job is fixing gutters on houses.

These next two shots were taken on the weekend at Hervey Bay. We went to the waterfront for fish and chips on our anniversary. One year married on the weekend just gone.

Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

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