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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have added a new item to my Homemade Cooking page and also a new tip/recipe to my Homemade Store Cupboard page. I made the quickest and easiest pizza for dinner last night. It is a yeast free base that can be put toether in a matter of minutes. I also added a  tip for making up your own pizza sauce as required instead of buying jars of seperate sauce which cost more - and are a waste of resources, packaging etc as well as the waste of money spent on them.

I used to buy frozen pizza bases. The cost over a two year period for these bases has gone up over 100%. It is simply not justified and I have learnt that it is just not necessary. I don't care how busy a person is  - this pizza can be put together and be cooked and ready to eat in just on a half an hour and it is even quicker if there is a person chopping up the topping while the other makes the base. This is actually infinately quicker than driving down to the local pizza place and it is infinately YUMMIER and HEALTHIER.

I was going to take a photo and then ate it - just plain forgot to take a photo as it smelt so good and we were hungry. I made a tossed green salad of lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes to go with it. Perfect.

I am going to make up a base and freeze it uncooked as well as make up a full pizza and freeze that uncooked as well. I want to see how they go cooking them from frozen and if they work out okay I will make up extras to keep in the freezer for those spur of the moment times that I feel like pizza.

Here is an interesting link about food if you are interested.  I am sure Sharon won't mind if I can get a few more people to read about what she has to say. another-reminder-of-the-food-crisis

My Camillia is only in it's second year in my garden and it flowering prolificly. I am sitting at my desk writing this and I can smell the scent each time the breeze picks up. Gorgeous.

I have finished making a Christmas gift. I picked up a set of coffee mugs for $5 and decided to paint them. It was a spur of the moment thing to paint the words - Relax - Coffee - Dream - Tranquil - Rest - Quiet - Imagine - all over them. I prepped them correctly - all I need to do now is put a sealer over the top and pop them into a warm oven to bake them for a bit. I have a little cane basket that I will fill with tissue paper and nestle the mugs in and this gift is for my sister in law. I will put a photo on here tomorrow. I know that if someone gave them to me as a gift I would be stoked.

The above photos is of Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. Absolutely gorgeous. Mick went to a birthday party of a friend recently and his property backs onto this magnificent park and the lookout is only a hop skip and a jump from his place - just a short stroll. How lucky he is to view this every day.

Ah well - today has been good. I am a bit more relaxed and Mick just rang to say we have won a few more jobs that we have quoted. I am counting my blessings at the moment.

Cheers and Love to you all,


  1. Hey Wendy

    Ummm... I'm pretty sure that beautiful white flower is actually a 'Gardenia' and the scent is just divine! ;) I have a gardenia bush in my garden too and it's about to flower. I love cutting them and putting them inside my home. I love your photos of Springbrook National Park. It's such a beautiful place. I haven't been for many years. Which reminds me, I have some pics of Kilarney and Queen Mary Falls to put up, where Anthony and I went for a drive last week. I've just been slack.

    I love your new photo on your new look blog too. The cuppa perched on top of the book, on top of the garden seat says it all! Is it one of your favourite pastimes too...sitting in the garden with a cuppa and a good book?

  2. P.S. Have you been taking photography lessons from Andrew, or are you just a natural? You take beautiful photos. :)

  3. Laughing at myself now - Yep I planted a Camillia and a Gardenia and I have mixed them up I think. Anyway it is gorgeous and smells devine. Thanks for letting me know.

    Yep I love to sit down on that chair and read but at the moment we have quite a few horse flys that keep landing on you and biting. They are slow critters and easy to get a wack at but it spoils the moment.

    I will take a photo of my favorite place to sit and read. I will post that tomorrow.

    No photo lessons - just love to take them that's all.

    I am waiting on another post in your blog - Recipes in Richness - post your photos on there - you don't have to write much at all. I really like that blog.

    Well done by the way in setting your goals and good luck with them throughout 2011.

    Can't wait to catch up some time when I am down your way. If we keep talking about it - it might happen.


  4. What gorgeous pictures of the National Park. Just beautiful. And I can smell that gardenia just looking at it! Mmmmm...