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Friday, October 15, 2010


I did something once. I wrote down whatever was worrying, bothering, upsetting me etc etc into a list. It was called WORRY WEDNESDAY. I got the idea from somewhere. Anyway whenever I started to dwell on something and was trying hard to solve a problem I got into the habit of writing it down and letting it go. If it could not be dealt with immediately then it was written down and dealt with on Wednesday.

What I usually found time and time again was that by Wednesday most things I was worried about and had taken the time to write on my worry list had actually dissappeared of my list - could have a great big red line drawn through so many of them.

Firstly what I found was that the worry/problem had actually not really been a problem at all - just a momentary lapse of reason that had got me worked up for no reason at all. That particular moment of worry that I had recorded had vanished without any real effort on my part.

Secondly on the list I found things that after even just a few days of being left alone on my worry list had morphed into something far less insidious and worrying. What only a few days ago looked like a real bother was now just a few words that could easily be dealt with.  I noticed that over the course of the week that without me even realizing it I had come up with solutions to many of these items listed. They could now be crossed of my list.

Then thirdly I came to the real issues. The big fish. The worry list left behind after the first and second round was to be the true worry list. In some ways things relating to these leftover words had changed somewhat over the course of the week. Some things had stayed the same. I then could take a real look at each of these worrys and look for solutions. Maybe I could not do something in whole to clear it from my list but maybe today I could some small thing towards rectifying the problem. I got perspective. I also got motivation do something about it as it didn't look as though there were just to many things to handle anymore. I gained  confidence in my ability to deal with what was happening in my life. I gained huge doses of patience and started to learn to plan and acknowledge the little steps. I also gained some peace of mind throughout the week when I just wrote a few words down and left a worry alone and not let it consume me for days on end.

It worked.

Then I stopped. I don't know why. I just stopped.

I would liken this to prayer. Many people in many faiths will hand over a problem - a worry - to God. They trust and have faith that the answer will come to them and that God will help them along the way to come up with a solution. But then they get to busy trying to sort it all out for themselves that they miss the answer being given to them for their prayer. Or they simply don't like the answer. So they stop. They stop believing that God has already sorted it all out and that they just have to follow.

So I have now started my Worry Wednesday Prayer List - it is a prayer list, a worry list, a problems list and a whatever is bothering me list. I find it hard to pray for hours on end with lots of words flowing smoothly of my tongue. It does not work for me. Writing does. Lists help me. And I know in the past this idea has helped me immeasurably.

Does anyone else do anything similar? How do stop all the worrys of the world bottling up and exploding out of you? Do you pray? I would love to have some feedback.

Thankyou for taking the time to read,





  1. Hey Wendy...I too find that writing down what's in my head tends to make the worry dissipate. It allows you to 'let go', or not to dwell on it. My MIL always says...'Give it up to God' when you experience worry or suffering. Maybe part of that is about having God carry the load. It's a bit like sharing worry with friends. Sometimes, just by sharing, you lighten the load. :)

  2. Great Blog Sis .. My thoughts on this are way to much for a comment so think this one is a patio and cuppa type chat ...

    I look forward to having it with you soon !



    p.s ... as of 7am this morning I have 5 puppies and counting, WooHoo -- love Puppies !

  3. Thanks for the feedback Kerry and Andrew. Yes Andrew it is getting time for a back patio chat and cuppa. As for those puppies - well what more can I say - hope you make yourself a few bucks out of it for all the puppy troubles. But I have to agree they are just so cute.

    Kerry - yep sharing does help so much. A trouble shared is a trouble halved in so many ways. Mick did that for me last night and just listened and that is it - very few comments and my day today has been so much better.

    Thanks again for the comments - Cheers, Wendy

  4. wow wendy u always have great ideas and advice just when i need it!! been having a few troubles and worrying alot lately and have been quite angry over it all and snapping at people manly steve lol not his fault tho but know i can try this out!! thank u
    u always have the right things to say!!
    from Amanda

  5. Amanda - do give it a try - it will just help you put things into perspective. Thanks for reading and commenting. Let me know how it goes with you. Cheers, Wendy