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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rodriguez - I Wonder (Live on KEXP) - 2nd post for the day

I have not written much lately. To be honest it is because I have too much on my mind. Too many things to say. I wonder who would be interested. I wonder about a lot of things in this world. I feel that at this moment in time for me it is all about fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. Probably about time to make my steps forward.

The above song was sort of my anthem in the 70's while going through my teenage years. This man was the first live concert I went to by the way. One of the coolest nights of my entire life. But the words just all came back to me now.

I wonder about this world.

I wonder about the waste, the denial, the indifference, the greed, the anger, the politics, the long descent, the fast descent, unemployment, peoples apathy, unfairness, the idea of unlimited growth, the idea of everyone having everything, the cost of that, the idea of some having nothing, the idea of some expecting others to go without what they have so they can have what they have, oil in our oceans, old technology, new technology, water, oil, fire, money, the love of money, the love of things, the need to fill ones life with things, the belief that there is an Away (idea of AWAY taken from this post), cars, debt, housing issues........

I also sit in wonder at this world when I see my grandchildren and my children, when I see my parents married 50 years, when I sit and chat to my brother for over an hour on the phone, when I see things in nature that take my breath away, when on a walk, when I spend time with my husband. Probably I am most often in awe lately when I am with my family. I just love them all so much. Actually I love people.

I wonder about their strengths. I wonder about their weaknesses. I wonder at the humans ability to build and then their ability to destroy. Often destroy without a single thought as to what they are doing. What is not in their lifetime is of no interest to them.

This is not meant to be a dreary post but a check in with reality. Whatever you hide behind will be removed. Whatever you deny will be shown to you. Procrastination gets a person nowhere fast. There is no AWAY. In other words just because something is out of sight means it is not there. This includes thoughts, actions, garbage/rubbish, unwanted goods, petrol used, water polluted or anything you care to think really. Putting something AWAY and getting it out of your sight does not mean it has disappeared.

I have put a link above to the post that really gave me a way of putting this into words as to what I had been thinking for so long. I am sure there are many others who think the same way. It is just the fact that there are so many more who DO NOT. If you take the time to read the linked post and blog please keep an open mind. The previous post to this one on his blog showed me in such a clear way all about Energy and the next one explains Matter. I am no scientist. I am no academic. And even if you do not agree with all of the other ideas he presents at least if read you may come to an understanding as to the folly of our human ways when we think that there is an AWAY place that you and I can just dump all of our shit in and forget about it.




  1. Love the song and love the post .. I have too much to say in answer so will have to wait for the next BBQ and drink.

    : < )

  2. Hey Andrew. Yeh it's a head fuck. Talk soon, Wendy