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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Too Much Stuff and Homemade Laundry Powder

We went for a long drive together, hubby and I. We had quotes to do and thankfully won some more work for the coming week. We had one thing after another to be thankful for all day. I won't list them here as they are so small to everyone else but all add up to making our lives more secure, peaceful and enjoyable.

I have recently commented on a few other blogs in the past day or two and a topic that came up again was a serious lack of understanding in any way, shape or form to simply purchasing TOO MUCH STUFF. Not from the blogs I read. These just underlined this issue even further and made me think about my own habits and the consumer habits of those I know. (and don't know)

This one story which is not to try and bag this person out but just go to show how confused and out of balance some people are. I have a friend. She is an extremely hard working person. Now for as long as I have known her she has worked for the same company and given them so much of her life. I nearly followed in her footsteps but thankfully saw that the ladder was on the wrong wall and didn't climb all the way to the top. I know I would have fallen of it if I had made it up there. I do admire her ethics and she is one of the fairest bosses you could ever ask for. But...

She simply works all of the time. She now has a partner and a child. I am so happy for her and when we caught up last time it was fantastic. The only thing was that between three couples it took booking a weekend three months in advance to make this catch up possible.

While sitting around and talking she showed us the plans for there extension on there house. The extension is simply to have an ensuite, a walk in closet and a bigger bedroom. One child and a huge house that is within walking distance to every shop you can imagine and also pristine beachs and parklands. WOW. Then she asked me if I thought $7000 was a ood price to have all of her window frames powder coated a new colour. She now wants black to match the new window that will be on the extension (at the back of the house where only they will see it). Now a big patio and deck and living areas I can understand but I was litterally gob smacked. I was just not the right person to ask. Our lives are like chalk and cheese and I have no problem with that usually but this one just got to me. What a waste of money. I asked how many hours she had to work for the company she is sick of working for to have those black frames on her windows? I asked her WHY? Usually I try very hard not to be over the top with people and just lead by example but seriously there comes a time when I find I just have to say what I think. And that was the fact that she shouldn't ask me because I am not going to give her the answer she wants. She talks about wanting to stay at home and then she gets confused because after all of these years as a carrerr womon she is not sure that she could handle it. She hates going to work most days and for all the time in the wrold she has given them they do not respond in kind. She can own her home in a very few years and step back to partime work. She could choose to be retired as such and live of one income within one year I expect. But... there is the extension, the patio, maybe the pool.

The thing is these things never end. I was talking to my daughter the other day. She and her family are just starting of on the family life and she was saying that there is always something she would like and her partner would like but they realise that they simply can't have it all so they settle for a little at a time of what they can have. I have NEVER met such a young responsible family EVER. I agreed with what she said and complimented her and her partner on learning this lesson very early in life.


Like my friend I see so many people that are caught in this spiral and don't know it or ar so confused that they don't know where to stop. But that's the answer. STOP. Just stop and think and stay away from the media, the shops and the lists. It is not hard in the end and the excuse that it is too hard does not cut with me. Thousands of people, probably millions of people are doing this daily. STOP CONSUMING.

I have read a few books on this topic and highly recommend them if you have not already read them. The first is YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin. The second one is ENOUGH by John Naish.

I am going to post these books to my friend with the offer to read them. I will ask her not to throw them in the bin. LOL. Maybe just maybe she will have an AH HA MOMENT and the lightbulbs go of and she will be on her way to being freer than she thought was possible. Gotta try.

QUESTION - how many hours of labour in your work do you have to exchange for that thing - that item that you want? Is it worth it? Sometimes it is and you should enjoy it. But most times it does not bring you any lasting pleasure and it is short lived and the next thing on the list is purchased and then discarded over and over again.

I would love to hear your comments.

Okay below is my recipe for Washing Powder for my washing machine. I have a Front Loader but it works in a Top Loader as well. I am sur you can find this recipe on many other websites. I don't even know where I got the final idea from. I tried a few different ways and this is what works for me. As I said last post I would let you know of things I now make myself and how I do it. It is there for the taking or it may put you on the track to search out your own ideas. But the bottom line is you have to do something and start somewhere. The less products I buy from the grocery store the better. The less dependant I am on them and the better of the environment is. I get excited when my garbage bin has very little rubbish in it.


I use all natural cleaning products in my home – I buy no chemical packaged shop bought cleaners in my home – I have discovered the best ever washing powder you can make at home for your laundry. Now I use a front loader machine and you do not need any more than a heaped tablespoon of this mix to do your washing. (it is tempting to use more but you just simply do not have to) I do not use fabric softener as the washing soda acts as a fabric conditioner . My husband gets itchy from the shop bought stuff and I sneeze like crazy because of the scents that are added to them. This is scent free, it works and it is bloody cheap and easy to make. My whites are white and my colours are bright. LOL. Oh and you can wash your woolens in this as well. Try this recipe. I make up the below recipe in lots of 10 and then store in a big sealed bucket in my laundry. Takes a half hour to make with a food processor grating the soap and lasts for months and months.

Finely Grate 1 cake of pure sunlight soap – laundry section of the supermarket (or you can use a cup of Lux flakes)

Add 1 cup washing soda – powder form not cyrstal – from laundry section

Add 1 500gr packet of Bi-Carb soda – homebrand packet – cheapest one you can find

Add 1 cup borax (now I get this from my local feed store in bulk lots – it is cheaper that getting a small container from Bunnings.

Now mix it all together and use a tablespoon each load of washing.

let me know if you like it.

Below is link to a wonderful thought provoking post. It is uplifting amongst all the doom and gloom (justified or not) and shows how we can all be part of a huge revolution and start to take our lives back. Live our lives for ourselves. Please take the time to read it. And you might also like to read BLESSED UNREST by Paul Hawken.

Revolution in the air



  1. Hey Wendy

    Thought-provoking post. But you know...I think that your friend is quite attached to the 'habit' of work. Sometimes, the reality of what we want is scarier, and in order to realise what we truly want can take quite a shift in our paradigms. It also requires change, and for some that is too big a price to pay. It's much easier to remain where we are. It's not until we realise that what we truly want has been there all along, if we could only cut through all the unecessary debris and clutter we create in our lives.

  2. Thanks for the comments and feedback. It is much appreciated. I just feel from now on when I have to listen to what others are doing then they can listen to my views as well. If say my friend was telling me about how hard it is with work and family I will then tell her my view and how I have changed what I do. Unfortuneately this is not what people want to hear most of the time. The thought of not having the things they think they need and want makes it very hard for them to listen to any other way of doing things. Cheers, Wendy