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Monday, June 7, 2010

Privacy Policy - In answer to my brother


If you have a tender message,
Or a loving word to say,
Don't wait 'til you forget it,
But whisper it today!

The tender words unspoken,
The letter never sent,
The long-forgotten messages,
The wealth of love unspent.

For these some hearts are breaking,
For these some loved ones wait,
Then give them what they're needing,
Before it is too late!


Hi everyone,

My brother has a post on his blog that got me to think about my response to the topic. You can see Andrews post called PRIVACY POLICY here. I have been thinking about this topic.

I have had fears with regard to what personal information is out there about me. These are genuine fears about someone "Bad" getting a hold of my personal information and using it to their advantage and not mine. I feel though that along with this geniune carefulness of what information we reveal about ourselves is also a lot of mass media scare mongering. I feel that simple common sense needs to prevail.

But I can say that my blog gives me the least amount of fear. I have control over what I post. I have control over what comments I leave on other blogs. I have control over how much information I give about myself. I find that there is a real communication going on between people all over the world and to link up with like minded people is very good for the soul. I learn new things - I get to see things from someone elses perspective - I share with others what might seem quite simple information but is exactly what helps just one person get through their day and give one person a smile - sometimes blogs really get me thinking and one blog leads to another and new topics are found. I can only see good here. As the little poem above captures - we need to share and it is good to share.

As for Andrew worrying about what he writes about his relationship with his son - I don't see a problem. His son knows and reads what he writes. This in turn bring them closer together for as all parents sooner or later realise we forget to show our children that we think, we breath and we feel. Children need their parents to be honest with them so this is a pretty good format for sharing if you ask me.  And along the way Andrew gets feedback and encouragment and - well I see more benefits than harm.

Now on the other side of the fence of blogging is social network sites like Face Book. I unsubscribed quite a while back. Before I decided to set up a blog. Now my personal reasons for this decision is simple. To me it was garbage. I found it simply a time waster that gave me very little if anything in return for my time spent online. I spent more time deleting things than actually reading them and I found because of the format there was very little real conversation going on. I didn't mean to but I ended up with too many people I didn't really know or didn't really care to much for that were on my "friends" list. I had people contacting me that I hadn't seen in years and usually (maybe not always) there is a reason behind why you lost touch with someone. I think it could be a great tool if you are geniunely trying to contact someone and I realise that for many this is a good tool to use. But that's the bottom line for me. It's a tool. I used it. I don't use it any more. I don't miss it.

When it comes to privacy issues I feel that at least when I blog I have time to edit and rethink a topic and what I am trying to convey. When people write something very quickly on Face Book or Twitter it can be regrettted as soon as that enter key is hit. You see this in the media everyday. I feel that it can be much easier to let your guard drop and give to much information about yourself and your activities and whereabouts.

As for constantly twittering and chatting about every move you make and every thought you have - this genuinely scares the pants of me. Where do you stop? When does real interaction with people end? It is one thing for me to see the younger generation totally ruled by electronic devises but to see adults - the teachers and leaders and parents in our young peoples lives doing this same thing is such a shame.
I seriously do not know how on earth people find the time to do all of these things and also watch television and somehow find time to live. How many people say they have not enough time in the day to live their lives and get their work done or spend social time with friends and family BUT can sit behind a computer or phone or television for hours at an end.

Can I also let you know that I do not have a television in my home. We haven't had one for years and that my 19 year old daughter and her young family do not have one either. And yes we can get reception.  We watch movies hired out at the video shop. We put on a lot of music dvd's to watch and just listen to. A mini concert in our loungeroom when we feel the need. I just simply find television a waste of time. It does not matter how many channels you have there is simply never anything on you want to watch. I understand there are some very good documentaries on television but I can get a hold of most of them on dvd. I also do not buy newspapers, magazines etc. I am not one you sell something to very easily - marketing games just amuse me. I am not someone who scares very easily as I am not bombarded daily with the fear messages in all the different media that people watch and listen and read. That is how society is ruled - FEAR - if you are afraid you will do what is recommended to protect you from that FEAR. You will follow the sheep and go with the crowd. I get my news from the internet -
I get some information and then go and research it.
I try not to take what I am told as the immediate truth.
I question and I learn.
And I encourage others to do the same.

So try not to be afraid of your blogging. Share and be shared with. Be careful and sensible in what you give away about your private details but don't hold back on your personality. What you have to share is important and does mean something to someone. It does make a difference. it is not a waste of time. It can be so good and healing for yourself. Who cares how many people are actually reading. You only need one and for that one to leave a comment.

Your comments are welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read my post today.



  1. Great post Wendy, inspired me to think.

  2. Thanks for blogging with me Wendy, I'm enjoying getting to know you and appreciate your honest take on things. I write with my family's privacy in mind, I choose to be a public person but they haven't chosen that so I am respectful of their privacy. I am also a private person by nature but I have always been good at separating my personal and private life from my public life.

  3. Thankyou both for reading and commenting. Cheers, Wendy