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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Hate Consumerism With A Passion and other things to chat about...

The photos posted here are from an email being sent around. Next time the kids complain about the bus to school get them to take a look at this.

Hi to all

I have been doing a little reassemssment as to my life with regard to my one word for the year - WORTHWHILE. Half way through the year and time for assessment - yes so far this year has been productive and WORTHWHILE. I am getting there. I feel that I am on the track to being very happy with the end result at the end of this year 2010

I feel like it is - it is working - I am moving forward - I am getting somehwere - I will be someplace new at the end of this year - not stuck in the same rut. Half way through the year I would have to say that we are moving ahead slowly but surely in our goals  - I am far more contented than the beginning of the year - I am learning fast about myself this year - about how to speak my truth in such a way as others understand what I am saying - I am watching my children grow and their lives are taking on their own directionand grdually becoming independant individuals. I won't be here for ever hey - they gotta stand on their two feet and live the life they want to live.

I have thought often recently of my overwhelming desire to just stay home. Just be in my home and no where else. I don't even have the travel bug at the moment. I think and talk about doing other things outside the home but I haven't - I have been pondering my procrsatination.

Maybe I am jealously guarding my freedom and quiet life that I am holding back on adding anything else to my days in fear of losing what is so precious. Yes I think this is true. I have realised that my life currently is what I had been aching and dreaming of for sooooo long. It is not complete and there are always things to accomplish but the point is - they are - each day is so enjoyable - not perfect - but enjoyable.

Why do I blog?????Why Do You It ?

I recently read this on another blog (sorry I can't remember for the life of me where) and this question along with some time thinking about what I want to write on this blog have bought me to some conclusions.

It is such a Good Question.

So I have tried to write an answer to myself with regard to this question. Firstly it is great to practice communication skills. I am learning how to say what I want to say and make it clear and understandable to others.

Blogging helps me to clarify my thoughts as wiritng has always done for me. I am just writing now on a public space instead of my journals.

I love the feedback.

It helps me not feel alone.

It helps me feel understood.

Next time you complain about a flat tyre or having to shove that extra thing into the car to take somewhere for someone else - take another look at this photo

So on that note I am going to be writing about what matters to me. What I feel is of the utmost importance in this world. I will share other posts and blogs with you that move me and describe what I am feeling and what I am believing.

I hate consumerism with a passion. Yes I have to be vigilent everyday not to get sucked into things without even realising what I have been conned into. To do this I have no television. I watch DVD's choosen by me to match the mood I am in at the time. I read the news on the net to stay updated and of course I read blogs and I read copious amounts of books. I don't buy magazines in general. I do buy Grass Roots every month and I love puzzles (not the articles) so I buy That's Life and do the puzzles as a way to keep my mind centred on something else and not on all the things on my to do list.

I buy second hand goods and cloths. Most times I just wait if I think I want or need something and the want goes away and I am left with the true needs. I try within my budget to buy well made and ethical products. And something I am doing more and more is make my own goods and products. I have listed at the side of this blog all the things as I think of them that I want to make myself. Somethings will still have a manufacturer of some sort in there as some items I need to make my own still have to be purchased but the way I see it I can reduce the amount of itms manufactured - I can reduce the amount of packaging in my home and I can know for sure what is in something I have made.

I read a post recently and have put the link below. It really got me thinking and reminded me of something I say often to myself and others. "The more you have (own/collect) the more you have to worry about." Over these past 8 years I have reduced what I own and what I want to such a small amount compared to where I was before. I am proud of the fact that I am open to discussion and that I like to learn new things and how to do them. This article I am putting the link to is a very extreme case and obviously not for eveyone but it is another point of view. What I do like though is her answer to why she lives the way she lives. and that is,
"We live this way for a very simple reason: It’s easier to learn to do without some of the things that money can buy than to earn the money to buy them."  Dolly Freed - Possum Living

Well this puts another spin on going for a bike ride !!!

So on that note I will say goodnight and talk again tomorrow,




  1. Good food for thought. I have to say, most of us are spoiled. We are used to getting all of what we need and most of what we want. I count it as blessing and don't ask for more. I've seen people so discontent with all they already have...it's sad.

  2. " Freedom is having nothing left to loose & nothing is worth nothing unless it's free "

  3. I used to sing that song and never truly understood the words - now I do. Well from my point of view anyway.

    Yep Parsley it is very sad and frustrating sometimes when talking with others about this topic. One friend I have asked me if I thought $7000 was a good price for getting all of her windows recoloured as it was to expensive to replace them all and now wants black frames and not the colour they are all because she is putting on an extension to her house. I was dumbstruck to say the least and this is a person who has to work all of the time and use daycare facilities for her child. I just don't get it. Like the quote in the post above. I would prefer to do without things so as not to have to work all of the time for more and more money.

    Cheers, Wendy

  4. Many of us are born into a consumer driven society and thus conditioned in it's practices from an early age. It can at times appear disillusioning as you recognise the cyclic behaviour you become entrapped in, you work to earn money, and money to fund your lifestyle, and you work to replace that money. Such a routine does make one feel like hamster on a wheel.

    Recognising this makes one feel compelled to find a balance between living for the lifestyle and living for essence of simply living, and in a consumer driven society this isn't an easy balance to achieve.

    I guess to cut loose from the cycle, the fear of loosing what you have achieved throughout life must be overcome, and this itself would help relax one's ego.