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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Friend Like Henry by Nuala Gardner

NO SMOKING - both and Mick and I are on track and supporting each other. I know this might be boring for everyone else but that's to bad actually - I need to write on here each day that we succeed - just like I did at the beginning. So I am proud to announce another successful day of non smoking.

Now on with what I want to talk about in this post. I have just read a book called "A Friend Like Henry" by Nuala Gardner. This is one very inspirational and well written book. It is so insightful and opened my eyes and was just simply a pleasure to read even though I had many a tear and laugh throughout. Below is a review about the book from  book review.

"This is the inspiring account of a family's struggle to break into their son's autistic world - and how a dog made the real difference. Dale was still a baby when his parents realised that something wasn't right. Worried, his mother Nuala took him to see several doctors, before finally hearing the word 'autism' for the first time in a specialist's office. Scared but determined that Dale should live a fulfilling life, Nuala describes her despair at her son's condition, her struggle to prevent Dale being excluded from a 'normal' education and her sense of hopeless isolation.

Dale's autism was severe and violent and family life was a daily battleground. But the Gardner's lives were transformed when they welcomed a gorgeous Golden Retriever into the family. The special bond between Dale and his dog Henry helped them to produce the breakthrough in Dale they had long sought. From taking a bath to saying I love you, Henry helped introduce Dale to all the normal activities most parents take for granted, and set him on the road to being the charming and well-adjusted young man he is today. This is a heartrending and fascinating account of how one devoted and talented dog helped a little boy conquer his autism."

This book is about a parents love and absolute devotion and belief in their son and later their daughter as well. This book makes me so want to meet all of those involved but especially Nuala herself. What an amazing woman. I do not want to make out that I don't think the dad and the other family and friends are any less important. It is just a mother thing and I find this woman so inspirational. Her honesty is amazing and her perseverance and tenacity exceptional.

For animal lovers and especially dog lovers I would recommend this book as you will just devour the story with the utmost understanding. I have never owned a dog in this way but this book is the first to truly help me understand the relationship between pet and owner.

But more than anything this book opened my eyes and opened my heart. It made me so aware of how little I understood and how little help I have been over the years. I believe everyone should read this book as an education. I mean everyone. Then maybe the barriers will break down and the understanding we gain would be of so much benefit to those going through similar things in their lives. We could make a difference to somones life by just making an effort to understand.

Right here and now I want to say SORRY to my very special friend Shell. I wish I had been there for you so much more than I have been. I wish I could take back the years and give you more support. You have been and still are an amazing mother and I take my hat of to you and acknowledge you and hope you accept this heartfelt apology. Be proud.

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  1. Sis, I will have to read this book but I can so relate to your comment regarding Shell ...

    But I guess we ALL carry regrets with hindsight !

    The great thing is ... the severity of our PAST ACTIONS are determined by our FUTURE ACTIONS.

    Love Ya Sis