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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting away from it all.....

This is my adorable, beautiful, gorgeous grand daughter - Charlotte
only 7 weeks old and has already stolen my heart

Hello Hello Hello

I have been a busy girl and only had brief moments on my computer to look at other blogs I follow and no time to really sit down and write on mine.

Makes me realise how hard it would be to be disciplined enough to write EVERY DAY on a blog. Sometimes I have the time and I have a lot of things I want to say and I could put 2 or 3 posts a day. I stop myself from doing that and just save the idea for later and then if it still seems relevant I will then use that idea another time. But I have to say that wrtiting everyday like some people have committed to do must take a lot of discipline. Well done to Katherine and Elle and others who have committed to writing or posting every day and do it. I really enjoy reading and looking at your inspirational photos and quotes even if I do not post everyday myself.

Well I am at the end of the fourth month of not smoking. I got a bit drunk the other weekend - not a regular occurance - and well I had one or two. Then I just fell of the wagon for over a week. Yukky - wish I hadn't - don't worry I will not be taking up smoking again. But it was very interesting that I took my mind of the goal for a brief moment. I had stopped thinking about what I was trying to achieve and it has bought back the idea I had said at the beginning of this and that is that once you are a smoker you are always a smoker and NEVER ever think that you will never have a smoke again. I didn't smoke for thirteen years - yes 13 - and started again so three months is nothing but a drop in the ocean. Back to marking the days and being vigilent again. I am looking forward to getting into my 5th month starting on the 1st of July. I would usually bag myself out and just collapse ina heap calling myself all the names under the sun BUT I am not going to do that this time. I simply have stopped and will pick up where I left of. The best thing now is that Mick has stopped as well. While I was giving up at the beginning he was still smoking. He does not want to smoke and he is trying so hard and I want to help him as well.
My sister stayed with me for a week recently. She only lives an hour away from me but I live on acerage and she lives in town. So Susan came to stay in what she calls her own Private Bush Retreat. I think she enjoyed it and it has given her a mini break that she needed so she could make some decisions on her direction in life. Sometimes we all need this and sometimes it is so hard to find the place to do this without spending lots of money. So don't forget a close family member or friends place. Just a change of environment - a change of pace. I just left Susan be and then when we talked it just came very naturally. Some of the conversations we have had are things we would never of had the time to chat about in everyday life. It has been interesting. It has been good for me as well. In a small way I feel like I have been on a mini holiday as well even though I have been in my own home. Maybe it is just the simple fact that my routine was altered. Not dramatically but in some ways it has and maybe that is why. What do you all think? Has anyone else done this and escaped to a friends place or a families home for a sort of mini holiday or retreat?

I recently was busy with helping some friends with their wedding. I did all the catering of the food for them as a wedding present. It was such a lovely wedding with friends and family all doing little (and Big) things to pull it all together without breaking the bank. The Bride and Groom choose to ask everyone to pay a small amount each to come to the reception and to forgo any actual gifts. This money collected paid for the hall hire, the food (which I prepared and served for them), the decorations and most of the drinks. It was wonderful. Below are some photos  to share.

The Wedding Cake made by a lovely Aunty of the Bride as a gift

All the food served and ready to eat

Very YUMMY Potatoe Bake.

Mick and I were talking on the weekend about what makes a community and about pulling together. It just made me think of the wedding recently and how many hands make light work. I will talk more on this tomorrow.

Peace to you all,


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  1. Amanda Rammell-SmithAugust 21, 2010 at 8:37 AM

    Thank you so much for doing the catering at our wedding Wendy it was so Delicious everyone enjoyed everything that was served!!! i would recommend you to everyone you a beautiful,lovely and caring person and a marvelous cook!!!
    from Amanda ox